About Us

S.M Hitech Modern Rice mill is a Proprietorship concern and its proprietor Sri. S. Shiek mohideen owns 2 acres lands at Emapur Village ,Salem Main Road, Kallakurichi.


Shri. S. Shiek Mohideen is the proprietor of Hitech Modern Rice mill and presently doing manufacturing of rice since 1972 under name and style Andavar modern Rice mill Kallakurichi. He established a brand in rice trade. His 786 brand of rice is very popular in Tamilnadu. He proposes to establish an ultra Modern rice mill at Salem Main road, Kallakurchi.


The cost of project is Rs 725 Laksh and the breaks up details are : building Rs 139.70 Lakhs, Machineries Rs 385.30 Lakhs and working capital requirement is Rs 200 Lakhs. A details estimate for building construction and quotation for the machineries from the reputed suppliers are sub mitted along with project.

Raw Materials

Paddy is the basic raw materials and abundantly available in Tamilnadu and in the neighboring states Karnataka and Andhra through out the year. There are no restriction in the movement of paddy from one state to another state.

Power and Transport facilities

The proposed rice mill is to be established on the national high way sale/Coimbatore . The location of the Rice mill is connected with Kallakurichi Town supply electricity power. (i. e.) 24 hours Electric power is available. Further for contingency captive power .(i. e ) Generator is to be installed.


The production of Rice from the proposed modern rice mill is very high class quality. The end product Rice can be easily marketable in Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra , Kerala and Union territory of Delhi. The bye product bran contains high percentage of oil content and bran is in high demand in manufacturing edible oil in Tamilnadu, Pondicherry and Andhra Pradesh. The marketing is easily possible when such an ultra modern ricemill is established.


The proposed S.M Hitech Modern Rice mill is having an installed capacity of 5 Tons per house. The establishment of such industry required a Term Loan of Rs 358.47 Lakhs and a working capital Loan Rs 150. Lakhs. A details project report, profitability statement ,Fund flow statement with debt service Ration and balance sheet are submitted for perusal.


The unit proposes to give,2 Acers of land at Emapur village, Kallakurichi in which the proposed industry is to be located, the proposed construction of buildings and installation of machineries as security for the proposed term loan and working capital loan.